Hotel Virginia Rimini: accoglienza a 6 zampe

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Posted by Hotel Virginia Rimini on Giovedì 2 luglio 2015

Six-Legged terrazzo

Six-Legged terrazzo

  •  “Aperitivo-dog”

 Besides the rooftop we have another area were your beloved pets can relax in the shadow of the gazebo, the “terrazzo” on the second floor where we organize “aperitivo” events and provide drinks and “home made”snacks for pets and their families.

 “Birthday party for your pets”

We organize birthday parties for you beloved pets on the beautiful rooftop from Monday to Thursday and on our six-legged terrazzo in the weekends. We will bake cakes made with ingredients that that match your pets’ dietary requirements.



Here everything is designed for you and your puppy
Direttamente sul mare

30 meters from the sea

Cucina curata

cuisine and access to the restaurant for the 4-legged friends

Piscina panoramicaa

swimming pool on penthouse floor

Spiaggia convenzionata

dog pool

Dog sitter e veterinario

veterinarian and dog sitter service on request

Spiaggia allestita

beach set up for dogs and dog agility area at Bagno 81

A few meters from the hotel Virginia
The largest dog beach in Rimini.

Bagno 81 no problem!

Our beach area designed with the assistance of a canine behaviourist...