Hotel Virginia Rimini: accoglienza a 6 zampe

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Posted by Hotel Virginia Rimini on Giovedì 2 luglio 2015

Fun parks

Aquafan Riccione

After boosting one’s energy with the abundant breakfast at the Hotel Virginia, one is all set to experience an electrifying and carefree day on the splendid Riviera Romagnola, a land full of surprises.
The Hotel Virginia is strategically positioned a short way off the sea-front in Rimini, and it is very easy to get to Aquafan, the water park that will amuse and entertain you with its outstanding attractions.
The water slides and all the games in the park are for everyone, big and little ones, families and young people, with lots of laughter and joking in between the dives and swims in the pool.
For small children great entertainment is provided by safe and highly colorful special attractions, such as the Piscina dell’elefante (The Elephant’s Pool), Cartoon Network Beach or Antarctic baby beach, where they can play with adorable animals and at the same time be watched by their delighted parents.
However, Aquafan is not just a water park but also a fashionable venue for shows and fashion parades. These events see the presence of both ordinary people and showbiz celebrities so the place has a buzz to it and is just the thing for hot summer days.




Games, adventure, discovery, thrills but above all lots of fun are all to be had in a day out at Mirabilandia,
a wonderland and one of the largest and most exciting parks in Europe.
It is easy to get to this large fun park from the Hotel Virginia, making it a very suitable hotel for families who want to have a pleasant holiday on the Adriatic Riviera and enjoy unforgettable days spent amidst merry-go-rounds and attractions.

Mirabilandia is a spectacular open-air stage where the main players are you and your laughter, a refreshing and magical world with water games, merry-go-round rides, performances with professional stuntmen and walks through luxuriant gardens.

Mirabilandia fully caters for those seeking extreme thrills, such as Speed, where bends and sheer drops are experienced at a mere 120 km per hour, or Discovery, a tower which drops you from a height of 60 metres
and the amazing roller-coaster Katun, the only one of its kind in Europe.

Mirabilandia Beach offers pleasant water attractions, with its slides, pools, a perfectly constructed beach
and many games, such as El Castillo, the Vuelta Vertigo or the Salto del Caribe.
There is also a vast number of attractions for little ones and for all the family!
To complete Mirabilandia’s outstanding offer there are shows recalling exhilarating and amusing films, demonstrations by courageous stuntmen, pyrotechnic games and the Great Night Show. You won’t want to leave.




The Oltremare park is just a short distance from our hotel and it is where the earth and the sea meet to form extraordinary worlds and unique atmospheres, to show us nature’s gift of the loveliest species and environments.
On the inside we find Planet Earth and Planet Sea. In these two areas we can discover the secrets of the world in which we live. Darwin is the name of the attraction which faithfully recreates the prehistoric world, while near the River Po delta we can observe the everyday life of the species that populate this habitat and then, at the Dolphin Lagoon, we find Ulysses, an inquisitive dolphin.
Linked to Oltremare is the new generation Imax cinema, with films and documentaries that immerse the spectators into close- to-reality atmospheres.

Here everything is designed for you and your puppy
Direttamente sul mare

30 meters from the sea

Cucina curata

cuisine and access to the restaurant for the 4-legged friends

Piscina panoramicaa

swimming pool on penthouse floor

Spiaggia convenzionata

dog pool

Dog sitter e veterinario

veterinarian and dog sitter service on request

Spiaggia allestita

beach set up for dogs and dog agility area at Bagno 81

A few meters from the hotel Virginia
The largest dog beach in Rimini.

Bagno 81 no problem!

Our beach area designed with the assistance of a canine behaviourist...